Sunday, 16 October 2016

archived post: thoughts on a saturday morning

16 / 10 / 2016

This one one of my first posts, published September 17th, 2011. It gives me a glimpse into how my life was 5 years ago- working, dreaming, raising an herb garden, trying to figure how to live my life. 

Its Saturday morning, and I am working on reports... such a difficult task on this beautiful morning. The air is brisk, but the sun keeps peaking through clouds, and it makes me want to nest. I took a little hiatus from reports to clean up the yard a little bit, and to move some patio furniture into the house. We have a funny little room beside our kitchen that has no closet, nor any electrical outlets. This is the room I want to turn into a little art studio and music room. It gets a lot of sunlight during the day; I can just imagine myself happily sitting in the room, listening to some music, and creating a little painting or bit of textile work. Wouldn't that be romantic? For right now we have made it into a little bedroom, and it will stay that way for the next few weeks, because we're waiting for P's mom to come and visit us. (can't wait!)

Last night Lottie and I took a walk after the sun had gone down for the day, and as it was becoming dark evening. I was considering this use of creative space while we walked past house upon house where the lights were low, and television screens were blaring with their penetrating neon glow. I myself had just finished watching one of my favourite shows online, "Departures," and I couldn't help wondering if we would all be much more creative, or active in our community, or more active in general, if most of us weren't watching television shows after work. Surely we would need to fill our time somehow. And would we feel more present, more energetic, if we came home from work to immerse ourselves in an activity we loved? Would we cook better meals, and eat well on a more frequent basis? Would we visit our neighbours more often to fill time, and end up involving ourselves in discussions and exchanging points of views? What did they do in the olden days?

With all that being said, I get wrapped up in tv land as easily as the next person; its nice to get caught up in a good story at the end of the day. Still, maybe I'll try out a little break from watching shows over the next month, and see what happens when I occupy my time else where.

I look at this now and think "I could have done so much with all that extra time!" But I get it... figuring life out can take a lot of energy in itself. We did cut back on television, and its rare that I spend my evenings watching Netflix, though I will definitely still get sucked into the new season of 'Downton Abbey' when it comes out. Also I do cook better meals!

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