Saturday, 15 October 2016

juliette and her nature walks

15 / 10 / 2016

When we were getting dressed I told Juliette I'd put a bun in her hair, and she heard this as put bunny ears in her hair- she loved that idea! She is in the time and space of living in a world completely up for interpretation; its a beautiful thing to hear her make sense of the environment around her. Two year old Juliette resides completely in the moment. She is curious about everything, asking things like "What's your name Mummy?" or "What's your hair called?" She'll refer to shared things as "Mummy's house," "Mummy's car," and Patt gets the short end of the stick with "Daddy's milk."

Juliette is now in her 'big girl bed' and wearing 'big girl panties.' She is tall for her age, and as a big sister to one year old Louise I have to remind myself often that Juliette is still so young.

One of the best things Juliette loves to do is go for nature walks. Its a testament to how much exploration the wild outdoors brings to her imagination because as we are getting ready to go outdoors she'll quiver and gasp "going. on. a. nature. walk..... It's SO EXCITING!!!" In the nature reserve behind our home she'll find dinosaurs in the hills, animal poop to inspect, roots to jump over, deer paths to follow and puddles to jump in. She uses her outdoor voice, and leads our small gang often yelling "this way please!" Seeing her blooming confidence inspired my love for parenting outdoors, and we often find ourselves eating picnics and treats just off a deer path thanks to her.

Dinosaurs up the hill! So scary!

Two year old Juliette, I'm so glad you're you.

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Jessica said...

way too cute. wishing we were nearer so i could spend some more time getting to know this sweet little soul.

oh goodness, jacqueline, i am LOVING all these updates, but seriously missing you now.