Tuesday, 25 October 2016

morning donuts at bowness park + home       

25 / 10 / 2016

We woke-up early and dropped Patt off at the hospital for a check-up, so while waiting for him we stopped at Tim Horton's for some donuts and a French Vanilla, and went to Bowness Park. Seriously, does any one make donuts better than Timmies? Or French Vanilla's, or Iced-Capps? We usually come to Bowness Park to forage saskatoon berries in the summer and for pond skating in the winter months, but haven't been before during this transitional in between time. I'm so intrigued by the restaurant there, Seasons of Bowness, it looks like such a sweet place to be taken on a date (wink wink, Patrick).

When I was in elementary school for a short time while we lived in Calgary (I grew up living around the country), my family would drop my dad off at work, then take donuts and hot chocolate to a wilderness park before going to school. This is one of my fondest memories from childhood in Calgary. The weather has been so incredibly foggy here during autumn, and I'm realizing from photos posted on instagram that we truly live in a colder climate city! I'm so envious of the people who aren't wearing winter coats yet. 

Speaking of coats, our trip to Bowness was impromptu, so we just threw on whatever we had in the car. I was concerned Louise didn't have on enough layers so dressed her up in Juliette's pink sweater. It was the sweetest to see her little legs plodding along the pathway from underneath it. We weren't at the park long before Patt was ready for us to pick him up, but we managed to get this selfie on our way out.

The rest of the day was spent at home and finding pinecones at the park behind our home. Despite how serious little Lou looks in these photos she was being so funny today. She dances every chance she gets, she thinks walking is the most fun thing in the world, and she so cleverly blew on her dinner today to cool it down. She's suddenly not such a baby; its making my mama heart ache a little.

We also used our branches from Sibbald Creek to decorate our home with. Last week Patt raised and tied the pillars from our wedding arch to the deck area outside our bedroom, and we strung lanterns in between them. This afternoon the girls and I appended the branches and pinecones we collected above the lanterns. I'm so enchanted by branches and pinecones together with the candlelit glow. I love that we'll be looking out from our bedroom to their warmth over the colder months ahead.

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