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archived post: love in december

25 / 10 /2016

This post was originally posted on December 18, 2011. Patt and I dated for nearly 3 years and had moved in together in the summer of 2011, but differences in lifestyles and expectations caused us a lot of friction. Really I think we just needed time to decide on what we wanted to compromise on. I posted this a week after we split up, and was trying so hard to be positive and rational, but man it was a painful time! True heartbreak! 

This month has truly been a time of change, heart break and hopefulness. At the beginning of the month, and surprisingly out of the blue, Patt and I broke up. There was no specific reason for the break up, it just got to a point where I felt we needed time to love and nourish ourselves as individuals. I love Patt very much; so much so that while it hurts my heart to know that I am not with him, I can't help but sending him thoughts of love and warmth during this journey we're on.

P and I are keeping our house with each other until January, when he will find a home for himself. I am staying in my sister's house, with Min, while Patt is caring for Lhotse (something I am incredibly grateful for) until the end of the month. I will, however, be going to visit my family over the holidays, in Kingston, Ontario. Then in January I will have a roommate move in (a friend of a good friend) and 2012 will start anew in as many ways possible. I have so much hope for 2012, and feel it will be a wonderful year with many opportunities for happiness.

As I don't have internet at my sister's house, my blog will stay on the back burner until I get to Kingston. One more thing I do want to say though, before I go, is that I am so so so thankful for having caring, thoughtful, and compassionate friends in my life. They have made this process one that focuses on the joy life brings, and for that I cannot express my gratitude enough.

When I returned home from the holidays the house we had shared was stripped to its bones, Patt having moved his furniture to his next apartment. It was gut wrenching to experience. He later told me it was the loneliest Christmas he had ever spent, just him and my dog. We are such emotionally driven people!

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