Saturday, 3 December 2016

feast & forage 2016!

02 / 12 / 2016

I can't even describe to you how much my heart is glowing thinking about our wreath-making workshop, Feast & Forage. When I started dreaming up ideas for this event I hoped for an evening of thoughtfulness, nourishment, laughter and connection: a room filled with inspired creatives, filling their bellies with wintery treats, relaxing with a glass of champagne in hand, sharing their stories and learning from each other.

We filled the space with white, gold and copper, alongside the opulent colours of foraged greenery, twigs, dry brush, pinecones and moss. It was the most amazing crossing of decadence and winderness. 

We drank Veuve Clicquot champagne and felt truly indulgent. It was an ordinary day made to be so much more special! Setting up the workshop had me running all over town that day, and I can hardly tell you how good it felt to hear the pop of the cork when the first guests arrived. 

Of course our rosehip obsession continues; they looked so lovely spread over the brie.

The holiday treats made this event feel so festive! We ate snowflake sugar cookies, chocolate covered oreos, dolce de leche brownies, macadamia nut shortbread and so many other yummy goodies. Deirdre is such an accomplished baker!

Call me gluttonous around food and drink- I love it so much! The day started out so beautifully, with frost covering the plant life and tree branches all over the city. When the workshop began snowflakes were falling gently outdoors. It was so lovely to be in the warm glow of the Lantern Room, surrounded by the early darkness of winter.

Feast & Forage tickets sold out on the weekend before the event, and we added a few more spots to fit as many people in as wanted to participate. I genuinely loved meeting each guest as they came in. They were mostly strangers to each other and myself, and were in all different chapters of their lives, but each person was so warm and interesting. It was so sweet to see the connection between everyone as the night progressed.

I love this picture! The tables began to look like a forest floor as the evening progressed.

Friends and I built the copper frames in the week before the event. I loved how delicate and beautiful they looked on their own, but they were such a lovely addition to the wreath's aesthetic. 

The energy in the room was so relaxed and positive. Conversation was flowing at each table, and it was so interesting to overhear such a range of topics and thoughts. The guests were all so smart and funny and talented; such an amazing group together in one space.

The weeks leading up to Feast & Forage set me on the biggest learning curve. There were so many ideas I envisioned and making them a reality constantly challenged me. I'm so thankful for my brother Christopher for helping care of my daughters while I wandered around the forest collecting greenery, and again during the workshop since Patt had to be away for work. And also overwhelmingly grateful for my sister Sarah, who contributed so significantly in all areas of this event, from start to finish, to help make this workshop a reality. She did everything alongside me, and it would not have been possible to pull this off without her. Thank-you Sarah and Chris.

We were having so much fun by the end of the evening and got a little silly with our group shot! Shelby was such an integral part of this evening. A huge thank-you for capturing the essence of what Feast & Forage entailed. She is so calm and thoughtful, and such a burgeoning talent in this city. I highly recommend her!

Eucalpytus and berries: Peaseblossoms Flowers
Holiday treats: Sweet Relief Pastries
Champagne: Veuve Clicquot
Chalkboard: Fir Tree Chalk


Jessica said...

this whole evening looked totally incredible, jake! wow!! well done! i so wish i could have been there! (and i'm completely OBSESSED with this copper rounds you made!! beautiful!!)

Jacquelene said...

Thanks so much! The copper frames turned out exactly how I had hoped they would! I am dreaming up so many interesting ideas for the future and cannot wait for next year's wreath making workshop. xoxo