Sunday, 18 December 2016

our special tree

18 / 12 / 2016

Patt is home again after nearly a month away and is now on time off, so we are on vacation and loving having him here with us! It finally feels as though Christmas is on its way, let the holidays begin! We waited until he got home to go chop down our Christmas tree- a recent tradition that I hope to stick to, and it was so worth the wait.

 The week Patt arrived was so so cold- dipping to below -30ºC (-23ºF) with windchill; really too cold to go for a stroll with the girls, meaning we were keeping busy running the roads and doing activities inside. A couple of days before Patt arrived I took the girls to the playzone at the mall near our home to get some of their energy out, and here we caught a virus that hit us like a ton of bricks. The girls next to never get sick, but when they do it really knocks them out. It all started the next evening when both Juliette and Louise were up throughout the night throwing up. The following evening I caught the virus, making for one of my most challenging times of parenting alone, and I'm just thankful that it came and left quickly. The evening after that Patt arrived home, just as we were all on the mend, and we smothered him with hugs and kisses. Two days of Netflix had us all antsy to get out, but then of course Patt caught the virus too. Luckily his recovery coincided with some warmer weather, so we could get out to the forest to find our tree!

We ventured out to Sibbald Creek again today, where, with a $5 permit, you can chop down three Christmas trees! Along our walk we tried taking our family picture, balancing my phone in Patt's gloves, that we wedged into our axe, which stood upright in the snow; truly innovative photography! 

I wore Louise in the hiking carrier for the first little while, but took it off to let her explore along the way. She wasn't quite sure what to make of her new found freedom, so I carried her for most of the time in my arms, but it was so sweet to show her the plant life up close. Louise was bundled up, but she loved feeling the spruce needles graze her nose. She's become so expressive in her tone, and nods and shakes her head to all our questions. She is no longer my little baby, but I love love love who she has grown to be.

Along our walk in the woods Patt and Juliette stumbled across the most magical frozen brook. Juliette was loving her time exploring with her dad. She is so thrilled that he is back with us and wants to play with him forever. It makes my heart explode time and time again to see how close she is to him.

This picture below makes me smile, because Juliette wore almost exactly this outfit on the day I found out I was pregnant with Louise. Here's a picture on instagram if you would like to see- and actually I was wearing the same outfit back then too! 

Juliette rode on Patt's shoulder's and covered his eyes with her mittens. When he exclaimed he couldn't see anything it threw her into the biggest fit of giggles. She thought it was the best game and of course kept on playing it. He was very generous in his blindness of course.

We found good trees everywhere, and mostly meandered in the forest just for the pleasure of being out there together. The scent of pine and the sense of being completely away from everything else was enchanting. I don't think you can get the same feeling from anywhere else. It felt as though we were in our own storybook. None of the Christmas trees in the wild are big and bushy, but just that we have this memory of finding our own tree makes me love how special it looks.

 And of course, our other tradition- eating cookies on the tailgate after finding our Christmas tree. Big love for this little family of mine.

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