Sunday, 4 December 2016

something in the stars:

introducing Taya Moodie Chapman

05 / 12 / 2016

In the time while Patt and I were apart, I met Taya Moodie (now Chapman) in an airport line up for an international flight to London. She was with her now husband, Brad, a friend of mine who happened to be only a few feet ahead of me in line for the same flight. With her easy laugh and relaxed personality we instantly became friends, and by the end of our transatlantic flight she convinced me to join them for a holiday in Prague. Since then Taya and I have enjoyed five seasons of lawn bowling together, have attended each others weddings, have gotten silly on the dance floor, and I was even so fortunate as to be at the home birth of her son. Our friendship has grown over the years, and I count myself lucky to know her.

Three words I would use to describe Taya are: adventurous, open-minded and grounded; qualities that she brings both to her work in urban planning, and to her passion for astrology. With her talent for understanding astrological connections, I was thrilled when Taya agreed to write a regular Monday post forecasting the astrological outlook for the week ahead, entitled "Something In The Stars." I know you will find these posts engaging and well-researched, so please check in for a light-hearted read at the beginning of your work week! 


Jessica said...

so sweet!! we got to chat with taya and her husband at your wedding, and i could sense there was some pretty special about her. very cool!

Jacquelene said...

She is such a dynamic person! It's a quality I love about her. Taya made a sun and moon reading for our girls births; its all so interesting to me.

Kent Sommer said...

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