Monday, 5 December 2016

something in the stars:

 week of december 5th, 2016

05 / 12 / 2016

By Taya Chapman

December is here, let the festivities begin. The sun has been in adventurous Sagittarius for a couple of weeks stirring your inner social butterfly by creating a desire to explore and connect. Daring Sag inspires us to branch out and build a new understanding of others including that person you may have previously thought was a weirdo. Embrace this time by opening your mind.  

Within this new found bravery you may feel vibrant and focussed because Mercury, the messenger, has been in conscientious Capricorn for a few days encouraging everyone to think before they speak.  This is never a bad thing especially in the boozy month of December. Thankfully the Cap influence will make it less likely that you will say something regretful at the office Christmas Party. Communication with clients, coworkers or Auntie Mary will be clear and precise right up until Mercury enters the dreaded retrograde phase on December 19th.  If you have any legal contracts to sign, major projects to finish or complicated toys to assemble then do it within the next 2 weeks while our minds are clear.  Afterwards turn your brain off for the holidays

In spite of all this bravery & lucidity, matters of the heart are about to get crazy when Venus, the planet of love, enters offbeat Aquarius on December 7th. You might suddenly decide to pursue the one you can’t get off your mind. Or you might inexplicably find a peculiar person very attractive. Everyone will feel a bit more flirtatious so enjoy it.  If you are in a relationship already, tenderness will come easier this week, embrace it.  Make a date for some place eccentric and hold hands the entire night.  Love… it’s all about love.  Give your best friend a hug, help someone in need, post kind words in comment sections, put your phone down, make eye contact & call your mom.


Unknown said...

Love this Miss Taya! Always so insightful you are and full of astrological knowledge. You've always been my go to for what's in the stars! What a nice read for such a cold Monday morning. xx

Taya said...

Thank you Andrea! Glad you came by to check it out. :) xo