Tuesday, 24 January 2017

archived post: life is good

01 / 24 / 17

This post was originally published on November 17th, 2012, nearly a year after Patt and I first broke up. After not seeing or talking to each other for nearly 7 months time we reconnected at our mutual friends wedding on October 6th of that year. I was too nervous to attend the wedding on my own so I brought a good friend to be my plus one, and was reassured by the bride that Patt wasn't bringing a date. I tried playing it cool at the wedding, drinking beer (I'm more of a cocktail woman myself) and getting the bartender's phone number, but I was hyperaware of everything Patt that evening.

I'm not sure what was going through Patt's head, but after taking something of mine at the wedding he "owned up" about it, and wanted to give it back to me a couple of days later. When we met again he told me about his feelings of wanting to see if we could try again. Rationally I was hesitant, but also curious and hopeful. We decided to spend time with each other as friends, and see if anything lead from there. After trying to be friends, but also secretly dating in a non-committed way (which is way too difficult for us serial monogamists), we discreetly booked a weekend away in beautiful Fernie, British Columbia. At this point neither of us wanted to tell our friends and family that we were seeing each other because we didn't want to tell them that we fell for each other, again, if it didn't work out...


I spent last weekend in Fernie with a good little group, having some meanders, seeing the little city in its off-season. Its a very sweet, slow-paced place in November. It definitely had a close-knit sense about it, and I'm looking forward to going back one day. The short work week flew by, I can't believe its the weekend already! I saw AR and her little baby this week for a really wonderful visit, so nice to see the two of them for a real chat. And DL got engaged! Too many exciting things going on over here. As for me, I'm just puttering about, trying to keep the house clean (my bed has been made for two weeks straight- imagine that now), staying out of trouble. Enjoy the weekend all!


Obviously I was crazy about Patt and he was for me. After the weekend away we decided to see each other exclusively while still keeping the relationship under wraps. Little did we know how significantly our lives were about to change.