Friday, 13 January 2017

let's explore

01 / 13 / 17

How has your week been? Ours was a whirlwind of the girls catching a virus, then miraculously recuperating. We watched a ton of tv, and now I'm schooled in everything Paw Patrol and Kate and Mim-Mim. It was a week of cabin fever. The girls were feeling so much better yesterday so we did a tv show detox- no shows all day. We spent a lot of our day playing with trains and using our imagination, and this may sound strange to hear, but I like my children a lot more in general when they aren't around screens. Their personalities are just calmer and sweeter. 

Today we're breaking out of the house to breathe in the fresh air again and we're getting pumped for our weekend away in Edmonton, our province's capital city. I'm also happy to introduce Let's Explore, a regular Friday feature posting some of the links from around the web that captured my interest this week...

Rent this unique, modern home in Edmonton.

The friend who introduced Patt and I just made this video.

Would you try goat yoga?

How fun would this date night be?

I cannot wait to go here this afternoon!

This feed is so beautiful.

Did you know the fastest Canadian female ever to run a marathon was only 13 years old?

This winter I'm brushing up my foraging skills.

What a sweet newborn gift.

One of my best girlfriends, a geologist, is getting married! How perfect would this cake be?

Enjoy the weekend dear ones, and make sure you register for this(!) before its too late :)


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