Friday, 27 January 2017

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01 / 27 / 17

Happy Friday all! Great things that have happened this week are: finding a new workshop venue, getting back into the pottery studio, and my sister earning the promotion she worked so hard for. Conscious living has been on my mind a lot recently; its so good to see our efforts being realized. Do you have goals you are working towards?

This morning I'm enjoying a few childless hours and will meet a friend for coffee at Rosso, but I'm also very excited to be taking Juliette and Louise ice skating on my own this afternoon (and work off some of the chocolate I ate last night)... Then this weekend the girls and I will be attending a "sprinkle" for the sweetest new baby, and on Sunday I'll be going to Bridal Fantasy with my newly engaged and very pumped friend Roisin. 

Here are a few fun links that have captured my interest this week...

Motivated: how a single mother got ahead.


Would you take this workshop?

Patt makes these for the girls every snowfall.

Building half a house. Incredible.

All sorts of heart-eyes for this beautiful lodge.

The sweetest coats.

I'm thankful to our friend Richelle for taking this photo.

I'm checking my mailbox for a delivery from this very cool shop!

And in other news...

Enjoy the weekend friends.

P.S. The Northern Living Series: A homestead in Nova Scotia and Feast & Forage tickets!

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