Thursday, 26 January 2017

like a girl

01 / 26 / 17

I remember being in elementary school, playing sports in gym class and hearing my teacher (my teacher, who teaches me) call out to the class over and over again "you're running like girls!" How strange as a child to be confronted with my gender as derogatory.


My sister, my daughters and I attended the Women's March on Washington here in Calgary this past weekend. I was proud to be in attendance. It meant the world to me that I could show my children that everyone around them cared about girls and women. Juliette asked questions about the signs people held up and about what was being said; being able to explain the concepts in 3 year old terms was so basic and positive: girls and boys are both important, care about all people even if they are different, and her body is hers.

My reasons for attending the Women's March hit close to home after working in social work prior to having children. I understand now how the basic rights of vulnerable women and families are too often denied; it is difficult, if not impossible, for this group to navigate our complex social and political systems without hitting dead ends. I appreciate that the March was intended to draw awareness to the intersectionality of feminism- how race, religion, ability and sexual-orientation interplay with the experience of womanhood. How privileged am I as a woman to be born white rather than indigenous is a testament to the open inequality in our community. To have a forum to show all women that we support them, and to show our leaders that equality is important to us, is essential.

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