Monday, 16 January 2017

01 / 16 / 17

By Taya Chapman

The sun is heading into Aquarius on Thursday so if you are feeling a heavy burden of responsibility or just simply heavy; the Aquarian Sun might lift some of the weight off your shoulders. Aquarians are known to be quirky and likely to take the road less travelled, so you may choose to head into unchartered territory. Aquarians love uniqueness, and now is a good time to embrace your own eccentricities. After all everyone is quite unique so go ahead and air your oddities this month, you might just find that others are happy to embrace them.

Another attractive characteristic of Aquarians is that they favour humanity before themselves. They have a hard time being selfish if they know that it won’t work for society as a whole. What is the harm of letting some of this open mindedness into your life? But of course, in life, not everything can or will go smoothly.

Also on Thursday, Mars, known for encouraging progress above all else, squares (opposes) Saturn, which favours order. So while you try to embrace your inner eccentric you may also have an internal struggle between evolution and organization.  Overall this week seems to be full of potential for wonder, weirdness & trying not to let it all cause chaos.  I hope you find your way.

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