Monday, 23 January 2017

01 / 23 / 17

Since the sun moved into airy Aquarius last Thursday I hope you have felt a little lighter on your feet. This Friday the New Moon will also be in Aquarius. This relationship occurs monthly (when the Sun is opposite the moon within the same sign) and the corresponding influence is the best kind of internal struggle; one that produces results and is a chance to reinvent yourself. So this weekend do as Aquarians do; ignore the cautious voice in your head and try something new, unusual & exciting.

After nearly 6 weeks in Pisces, Mars enters fiery Aries on Sunday. Mars is also the ruling planet of Aries and is characterized by a warrior; following instincts and making impulsive yet reasonable decisions. Don’t be surprised if some of this trailblazing action seeps into your mental processes. The next 6 weeks will be all about forging ahead without looking back. As well as making progress in areas of your life that have been indecisively stagnant. Mars, and those ruled by Aries, are irritated by indirectness and unpredictability from others, and you might now feel some of this annoyance as well. Be sure to turn this impatience into enthusiasm and get out there and make things happen!

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