Tuesday, 3 January 2017

something in the stars:

week of January 2nd, 2017

01 / 03 / 2017

By Taya Chapman

Happy New Year!  Happy new beginnings! On December 29th the moon, in Capricorn, was new and the night was dark so you may have found yourself star gazing and goal setting.  New moons mark new beginnings and when you combine this with the sun also in Capricorn you may feel very focused, determined and ready for success through hard work; it’s no wonder we make resolutions and are ready for a fresh start at this time of year.  With Capricorn in full force in the skies this is a great time to set intentions for the things you would like to cultivate in the New Year.  But it might not be a bad idea to wait until January 8th when Mercury turns direct.

How is Mercury retrograde working out for you?  On the very first day, I forgot my phone at home and made a goofy joke, in an email, to the wrong co-worker (a very important coworker)!  Then while I was at my desk, in our open office, I googled an innocent inquiry and the search presented a very specific type of porn all over my screen...  Needless to say I was very flustered, and this all was before 10am.  Just remember to keep your humour about you for the last week of this mindlessness.

Some planetary placements last days and some last years. I think many will feel a sense of relief knowing that Uranus has transited after 5 months of being retrograde and 5 years of squaring off with Pluto. What the heck does that mean?  Well some astrologers believe that the battle between rebellious Uranus and transformative Pluto instigated political revolutions around the world causing chaos and upheavals in governments. Defiant Uranus loves an uprising, and when it’s squaring off, people are more likely to fight for change & destroy the status quo.  This unruly time ended on December 29th as Uranus moved into a position of trine with orderly Saturn. 

In your personal life you may also sense positive days ahead.  The hard part is over; we’ve made some permanent changes and now we just have to clean up the carnage. Getting back on track, albeit a new track, can be part of the focus in 2017.  Most people are tired of fighting, being angry and are ready to push ahead peacefully.

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