Monday, 9 January 2017

something in the stars:

week of January 9th, 2017

01 / 09 / 17

By Taya Chapman

It’s over!  Mercury retrograde ended yesterday so now you can really focus on moving forward with all of your goals, especially with the sun in Capricorn, which is fuelled by achievements, career, & responsibilities.  On Thursday morning the full moon moves into Cancer, which makes for an interesting sun/moon combination.  Capricorn and Cancer are exactly opposite each other in the sky and opposing star signs can be very complimentary to each other.  While Capricorn can be thought of as the father of the zodiac, Cancer is the most maternal of all the signs, representing family, nurturing & the comforts of home life.  With the sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer you will feel a strong sense of loyalty and commitment.  This week will be all about balancing family and career.  Your sense of responsibility will be strong and your mind will fixed on improving your quality of life. 

Mercury is always on the move as it’s the closest planet to the sun and this quick thinking messenger is back in Capricorn on Thursday.  As mentioned before it will help you think before you speak.  So all in all the stars are aligned to help you focus on the success and well being of everyone and everything you care about.  Be sure to take advantage of this devoted vitality and be good to yourself as well.

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