Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Northern Living Series

an introduction

01 / 18 / 17

Since we're in the depths of winter, I wanted to do something special to see us through the coldest months. I am truly excited to tell you that Wild Fir Tree recently partnered with six other northerners for a new weekly post called The Northern Living Series. Every Wednesday, starting January 25th, 2017, we'll feature one person from across Canada and Scandinavia to share with us their unique perspectives on cold climate living. Each northerner reveals thoughtful insights into their beautiful, challenging, and always fascinating way of life in the north as they experience it. I was blown away by the similarities and differences between the lives of the contributors, and it was captivating to read each submission as they came in. I hope you will find your own common ground with each Northerner, and have your eyes opened to the spectacular range of lifestyles amongst this amazing group. Thank-you so much to everyone who agreed to participate in this engaging series!

list of contributors

Marissa Froese // Nova Scotia, Canada

Kathryn Reid // Vancouver Island, Canada

Resa Davén // Sweden

Joel A Scott // Manitoba, Canada

Jean Polfus // Northwest Territories, Canada

Lisa Ferland // Sweden

Check back with us every Wednesday for The Northern Living Series and to connect with these fascinating people as they share their stories. We hope you enjoy it!

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