Wednesday, 4 January 2017

welcome 2017!

01 / 04 / 2017

Hello again and happy New Year dear friends! How is your 2017 starting out? Do you have any resolutions you are working towards?

Our year started out with a big purge after watching The Minimalists on Netflix. The morning after watching it all of us at the Miller household cleaned out our closets. I'll admit mine got out of control over the last 3 years with my body changing all shapes and sizes. Three (!) garbage bags of clothes for donation later I feel so good about whats in my closet. I am a little surprised that I have no regrets about what I got rid of, which makes me wonder if I should have spent the money on those clothes in the first place. Patt and I try to prioritize people and experiences over things, aiming to spend our money on what we truly value, but its always a work in progress. My resolution is to be more conscious about where our money is going, what its buying and who its supporting.

Speaking of people and experiences, here's what we're excited for at Wild Fir Tree in the month of January:

  • The next Feast & Forage will be announced later this week, which I am so so pumped up for. As in, ultra pumped. I hope you join me for it!
  • We'll be going on a girl's trip to Alberta's capital city to check out stunning ice castles and other amazing places Edmonton has to visit
  • Wild Fir Tree will launch its Northern Living Series, a fascinating weekly series on the lives of people living in winter climates around the world!

We will also continue with the archived posts (Patt and I are secretly reunited in the next one),  posts coupled with delicious recipes, and the always intriguing astrological forecast 'Something In The Stars' by Taya Chapman.

We hope your year is starting off with a bang! We are always so interested in who you are, and what's going on in your lives, so feel free to connect and tell us what you're excited for this year. 

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