Friday, 3 February 2017

let's explore

02 / 03 / 17

Patt is finally home after working out of town for far too long. The beginning of this year will see him away a lot and we're soaking up as much time with him as we can over the next few days. Our weekend plans include ice skating in the majestic scenery of Lake Louise and having a turkey dinner with friends. I'm also getting time in at the pottery studio and doing some more preparation for the Feast & Forage workshop (one week away!) while I have a chance to! I hope you have an incredible weekend and here are 10 sweet links for you to enjoy:

Loved this Danish commercial...

I would visit this tiny romantic getaway in the woods in a heartbeat.

Yum- a Gin Rummy Mule. Would you try it?

Patt and I watched this together last night.

Winter foraging.

The girls and I listen to this in the evenings.

My perfect shop.

A cute Valentine's: "Let's Stick Together!" 

Do you cook with a cast iron pan?

P.S. There are only 2 spots remaining for Feast & Forage! Get your tickets here; we cannot wait to meet you.

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