Saturday, 18 February 2017

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02 / 17 / 17

We went downtown this evening to visit the Glow light festival at Olympic Plaza (where Patt and I first met!) The light prisms were stunningly vibrant and my children loved watching the zamboni drive across the skating rink there. Getting out in the evening is always a hit or miss, but Juliette and Louise did really well! It was an excellent way to kick start Family Day weekend; tomorrow we'll go for a light hike in the mountains, on Sunday we'll visit the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary for some wildlife crafts and nature games, and on Monday we'll attend WinterFest at Fort Calgary for their Quebecois sugar shack, yum. What good things are you looking forward to this weekend?

Btw, here are ten fun links from around the web, if you want to take a look...

We'll be listening to this on our drive to the mountains.

A beautiful piece.

Made me laugh.

I'm impressed with this shop.

Maple syrup season
is coming up... would you try making this drink?

Children's lunches in France

Imagine sleeping under the Northern Lights...

I'll be bingeing on this show asap!

We just bought these cute shoes for Juliette, (on sale.)

Patt and I will be having a date night during this festival next month..

Enjoy your weekend, and stay warm m'dears.

P.S. The Northern Living Series: The Heart of the NWT and Making Solo Parenting Enjoyable

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