Monday, 6 February 2017

02 / 06 / 17

By Taya Moodie

Hopefully the skies are clear this Friday night when the full moon slips into the earth’s shadow. In other words there is going to be a lunar eclipse while the moon is in the constellation of Leo. Leo represents love, vanity, creativity, determination, loyalty, generosity & arrogance.  These traits may be amplified this weekend and especially because the Sun will be in opposition in Aquarius.  Leo & Aquarius are polar opposites and surprisingly this means they have much in common.  Consequently, in a few days you are likely to feel extraordinarily affectionate, creative, friendly & outgoing.

On the flip side when the moon is eclipsed it’s a good time to wipe the slate clean. Take a look at yourself and drop the things you don’t like. Eradicate anything you feel you have outgrown, especially characteristics relating to Leo (love, vanity etc). Eclipses are agents of change and sometimes we need a push to transform ourselves. All in all it’s a positive and exciting time, during which you might just mature a little bit.

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