Sunday, 12 March 2017

getting through the last stretch of winter

03 / 12 / 17

Spring is technically just around the corner, but here in Calgary winter continues full on. I love winter, but after living on Canada's west coast I am fully aware that the grass there is green and flowers are starting to bloom... it's a little hard to take when the end of subzero temperatures here seem no where in sight. 

After being struck by a bout of cabin fever last week, I delved deep for resources to help get us through the remaining winter season:

Get Out of The House

I need to get out of the house on a regular basis with my children for the sake of my sanity. I love mixing it up and finding places that are stimulating to both my toddlers and myself. Some of my favourite places to visit in cold weather are interpretive centres, tropical gardens, the zoo and museums.

Indulge in 'Hygge' Before Summer Comes

This Danish word (pronounced "Hoo-ga") has recently found its way west. To break it down, hygge is the fundamental art of getting cosy. Soak up a last opportunity to enjoy this winter activity. During visits with friends (or in the evenings alone) light candles, wrap yourself in a soft, warm blanket, sip on a delicious hot drink, eat a treat, share stories and dreams, or read a captivating novel. 

Take a Moment with Nature

Even on really cold days, even if its only for 10 minutes. Cabin Fever strikes hardest to those of us who go from the house to the car and vice versa. The task of getting dressed into our winter gear can itself be overwhelming, but being outdoors helps shift the brain in the right direction. Take a moment to appreciate our season- feel the way the wind brushes against your face, listen to the crunch of the snow, breath in the fresh air slowly and consciously.

Get Your Garden Started

There may be snow on the ground, but now is the time to start planting your indoor seeds. Watching your future garden sprout will bring some much needed greenery back into your life. Last year my daughters and I loved checking how our seeds grew everyday. If you have never grown seeds before, get creative and use containers you already have in your home to start your seeds. Pick up soil and seeds from your local grocery store or hardware store for a simple start. And if you want to grow your knowledge along with your seeds, visit a greenhouse and ask questions! Gardeners love to share their passion.

Get Your Vitamins C + D

Even when we do get outside we are all bundled up, so make sure you are getting vitamin D (the "sunny" vitamin) because its the only one we can't produce in our bodies and its integral to our happiness. Vitamin C helps keep the common cold at bay and helps minimize the affects of a cold if you do get one. We take 'D' drops and always have a variety of fruit on hand to snack on.

Start Planning Your Summer Vacation(s)

My husband and I have talked about our summer plans since January. Our vacation plans are not set in stone yet, but we would love to take our children camping and also travel somewhere new. Let yourself day dream about the vacation ahead, then start planning your trip! I'm picturing showing the girls how to make a campfire, listening to a summer playlist and stopping for ice cream while on a road trip, and having a romantic dinner somewhere exotic with my love.

  • YYC Tip: My husband and I are hoping to enjoy a 'stay'cation during Folk Fest this year. We'll spend the day at the Folk Music Festival, stay overnight at a hotel and eat breakfast together before picking up our children.

I would love to hear more ideas on how to cope with the last stretch of winter from other Northerners, so please share if something works for you!

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