Monday, 6 March 2017

something in the stars:

week of march 6th, 2017 

03 / 06 / 17

Jupiter is one cool planet.  When many of us are feeling slightly insecure, anxious, doubtful and hesitant, Jupiter is full of hubris, confidence, abundance & luck.  On March 2nd Jupiter moved directly across from Uranus meaning they are opposing each other. Uranus is rebellious and would be the one that convinces you to use the men’s washroom when there is a long line for the women’s. Not only is Uranus defiant but he is a genius and full of revelations, awakenings and intellect.  When these two masculine energies oppose each other in the sky they create exciting bold visions for the future while they inspire breakthroughs and reinvent new and better ways to do what you’ve always been doing. These two will be opposing each other for most of 2017 so make the most of it, be innovative.
In other planet news; Mars, the ruler of Taurus, will move into Taurus on Thursday  and will stay there for 6 weeks. Taurus is a home body, loves comfort food & appreciates a harmonious aesthetic. So the next 6 weeks will be a great time to do some cleaning, de-cluttering, cooking or starting seeds for your garden.  In summary it will be a great time for spring cleaning and if possible you’ll discover a new, exciting way to do it.

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