Saturday, 18 March 2017

supper time

03 / 18 / 17

We changed things up today. After an early morning that saw Juliette come to bed with be at 2:30am and Louise wake up at 5:15am (let this be a one off), our babysitter came over at 8am so that I could meet a friend for breakfast downtown. 

Usually our babysitter visits in the evenings when I am starting to slow down, so it was refreshing to have some energetic time to myself, then spend the rest of the day with my special girls, giving them my enthusiastic attention. We found Chamomile and Calendula seeds at Seedy Saturday (a local seed swapping event to kick start the gardening season), ate a light lunch, then went for a long walk. After this busy day we were all more than happy to relax at home. Juliette watched a show while Louise and I made cookies. In no mood to make an involved dinner I threw together the best grilled cheese sandwich. I thought I'd share the ingredients, because you need to try making this.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich for a Busy Day

Sliced rye sourdough bread*
Brie cheese
Shaved ham
Carmelized red onions
Honey mustard

Cherry tomatoes

To drink:
Sparkling water w/ lemon

* I bought the bread from Sidewalk Citizen Bakery and they offer sourdough bread making classes- something I would love to attend in the future.

And some photos from our nature walk...


Jackie said...

looks delicious and isn't it wonderful to see the beginning so Spring.

Katie Gray said...

wow! I love your photos...they look wonderful.

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